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How to produce a company video

What you need to produce a professional company video

Producing a professional looking company video can be a lengthy and sometime frustrating process but with planning and the right equipment, the results can be pleasing.

The most important thing with video is having a stable shot. Whatever you do, you will want to use a tripod when shooting. If you don’t have a stable shot, then no amount of equipment, editing or content is going to make up for it.

Next, you need good lighting. If you don’t have proper lighting, you can’t have good composition and the video will be unwatchable.. For example. an interview doesn’t need lots of lighting but you need at least three light sources to produce an evenly lit scene.

Next, you need to make sure the shots are well composed. Again this isn’t difficult but the setup needs to adhere to certain rules to make it as pleasing to watch as possible.

Good sound

Don’t underestimate the importance of sound. Viewers will tolerate visual mistakes much more than auditory ones. When someone is speaking, background noise needs to be minimized. Background noise sounds much louder on a recording than it does in person.

What gear should you use?

Finally, of pretty much least significance is the gear itself. At a pinch you can use a smartphone camera for shooting video. It has been done and a skilled editor can make use of such footage. Sound ideally needs to be recorded separately (on a portable recorder) but it can be achieved with a microphone plugged into a camera (if the camera allows it).

As to cameras, an iPhone will produce some nice looking footage but the best solution on a budget would be a DLSR which is stills camera that shoots HD video (e.g. Canon 600D) which will produce professional level video and accepts an external microphone.


Editing is a more complex beast. There is a wide range of editing software options available and the ones that do the best jobs are generally not the easiest to learn. Additionally, editing is more than just understanding the software, it involves understanding the language of video and how video is used to communicate ideas.

Think about what you are trying to achieve with a company video –  are you showing your product range or are you conveying a more complex subject?   Video with only a talking head will not hold the viewer’s attention. Some thought needs to be put into additional footage that can be added to make the final product watchable. This might be graphics or other relevent video footage.  If you are showcasing a product, lighting is key to make your offer as attractive as possible.

Here’s an example of what a professional video company can produce

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